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Advocacy - What We Are Currently Working On

Hospitality New Zealand regularly consults members on a wide range of issues. We currently want your views on the following:  

Government Consultations - Working For You - Hospitality New Zealand

Government Consultations:

1) Employer-assisted work visas and regional workforce planning (closes 18 March 2019)

The proposals primarily impact all skilled and lower-skilled temporary migrant workers and employers of these workers across the six employer-assisted temporary work visa categories: Essential Skills including the Essential Skills in Demand Lists (ESID), Approval In-Principle, Talent (Accredited Employer), Work to Residence – Long-term Skill Shortage List Occupation, Silver Fern (Practical Experience) and Silver Fern (Job Search).

Make your own submission by 18 March 2019.
Give us your feedback by 12 February 2019.



2) Inland Revenue tax proposal on short stay accommodation providers (closes 22 March 2019)

Inland Revenue is asking for feedback on a tax proposal that will simplify tax obligations for short stay accommodation providers, hosting through websites such as Airbnb or Bookabach. The new proposal would allow hosts to claim up to $50 a night in costs, and would therefore require them to declare their income from this activity in order to do so. Please click on the links below for more information on the proposal, and to have your say - you will need to provide your feedback to IRD by 22 March 2019.

Hospitality New Zealand will be putting forward feedback to IRD, we need your input by Friday, 15 March 2019 to allow us to collate the feedback and to then submit to the IRD by 22 March 2019. Please email your feedback to Hospitality NZ’s Advocacy and Policy Manger at

Make your own submission by 22 March 2019.
Give us your feedback by 15 March 2019.

3) Reform of Vocational Education (closes 5 April )

The Government have released their Reform of Vocational Education discussion document, which proposes changes to our vocational education system. The document sets out an integrated package of reforms the Government is considering for New Zealand’s vocational education system. Vocational education can help to ensure that all New Zealanders have the skills, knowledge and capability to adapt and succeed in a world of rapid economic, social and technological change. 

Make your own submission by 5 April 2019.
Give us your feedback by 11 March 2019.

4) Aotearoa New Zealand Government Tourism Strategy 

The Aotearoa New Zealand Government Tourism Strategy sets out the government’s aim for tourism, to enrich New Zealand through sustainable tourism growth, and looks at how it will work across government, as well as with the tourism sector, iwi, local government, communities and other stakeholders to achieve this. The government is also proposing a more deliberate and active role in tourism.

This consultation is now closed. Hospitality NZ has made a submission on this consultation.

5) Local Government Funding and Financing Issues Paper 

The Local Government Funding and Financing issues paper describes local government in New Zealand and how funding and financing currently work. It asks questions about current pressure points and ways that councils can manage cost pressures. It then seeks views on options for future funding and financing tools.

This consultation is now closed. Hospitality NZ has made a submission on this consultation.


6) Protecting businesses and consumers against unfair commercial practices

The Government is considering whether the protections for businesses against unfair commercial practices should be strengthened. This can include (but is not limited to) businesses being offered contracts that they consider contain ‘unfair’ terms, or being treated unfairly (such as not complying with an existing contract, misleading or deceptive behaviour, and businesses making demands over and above what was agreed in a contract). We want to hear your thoughts on this.

This consultation is now closed. Hospitality NZ has made a submission on this consultation.


Worksafe Research -Working For You - Hospitality New Zealand

Worksafe Research:

7) Worker Exposure Survey

This research is being done to learn more about occupational exposures and workplace practices in the New Zealand hospitality workforce, among others. The Centre for Public Health Research (CPHR) at Massey University is doing a survey for Worksafe, with the view that effective interventions may be developed to prevent work-related disease and injury. 

Participation involves a telephone interview where a CPHR interviewer will go through a questionnaire. This typically takes 30-45 minutes, and can take place at any time convenient including evenings and weekends. Questions are focused on daily working life including what hazards are encountered, as well as stress levels and satisfaction at work. There are also some general health and well-being questions, for example about respiratory symptoms and sleep.

All information given is kept confidential and only seen by the research team, and the identity of employer and/or workplace is not recorded (Massey are interested in the occupation as a group, rather than individual employers).

If you wish to participate in the study voluntarily, contact Dr Hayley Denison by emailing, or call 0800 990 053.