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National Advocacy

Simplified Tax on Short-term Accommodation providers

Inland Revenue is asking for feedback on a tax proposal that will simplify tax obligations for short stay accommodation providers, hosting through websites such as Airbnb or Bookabach. The new proposal would allow hosts to claim up to $50 a night in costs, and would therefore require them to declare their income from this activity in order to do so. Please click on the links below for more information on the proposal, and to have your say - you will need to provide your feedback to IRD by 22 March 2019.

Hospitality New Zealand will be putting forward feedback to IRD, we need your input by Friday, 15 March 2019 to allow us to collate the feedback and to then submit to the IRD by 22 March 2019. Please email your feedback to Hospitality NZ’s Advocacy and Policy Manger at

Media: HNZ COO Julie White talks to Stuff about the IRD consultation on proposed changes to tax obligations for short-term accommodation providers.

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View Hospitality NZ submission here

This consultation is now closed. Hospitality NZ has made a submission on this consultation.

Protecting Businesses from Unfair Commercial Practices

The Government is considering whether the protections for businesses against unfair commercial practices should be strengthened. This can include (but is not limited to) businesses being offered contracts that they consider contain ‘unfair’ terms, or being treated unfairly (such as not complying with an existing contract, misleading or deceptive behaviour, and businesses making demands over and above what was agreed in a contract). We want to hear your thoughts on this.

Media: HNZ COO Julie White speaks to AccomNews about unfair OTA practices in relation to Danish OTA Nustay.

Media: HNZ COO Julie White talks to AccomNews about misleading OTA practices.

Media: Hospitality chief seeks law change to end “damaging” OTA practices

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View Hospitality NZ submission here

This consultation is now closed. Hospitality NZ has made a submission on this consultation.

New Zealand Aotearoa Government Tourism Strategy

The Aotearoa New Zealand Government Tourism Strategy sets out the government’s aim for tourism, to enrich New Zealand through sustainable tourism growth, and looks at how it will work across government, as well as with the tourism sector, iwi, local government, communities and other stakeholders to achieve this.

The government is also proposing a more deliberate and active role in tourism.

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View Hospitality NZ submission here

This consultation is now closed. Hospitality NZ has made a submission on this consultation.

Regional Advocacy

Bay of Plenty & Gisborne - Alan Sciascia, Regional Manager

Emergency Housing Impacts - Rotorua

Regional Manager Alan Sciascia attended meeting which included motel operators, MSD management and Rotorua Council representative (including the Mayor).  Discussed impact of MSD/WINZ housing homeless in motels.

Peer-to-Peer Accommodation - Rotorua

Regional Manager Alan Sciascia gave a presentation to Tauranga City Council expressing concerns about the impact of Airbnb on available residential rentals and the need for Airbnb businesses to be treated as businesses.

Taranaki, Manuwatu, Whanganui, Taupo & Wellington - Adam Parker, Regional Manager

Peer-to-Peer Accommodation - Taranaki

Hospitality NZ Taranaki Branch has called on council for regulations to be put on the hundreds of rooms and properties being rented out on Peer-to-Peer platforms. Unfair financial advantages and zero regulations held by Peer-to-Peer accommodation providers poses significant disadvantages to the commercial accommodation market.

The Branch provided a submission and presentation to Council advocating for a level playing field including regulation, rates, and health and safety requirements.

Media: HNZ Taranaki accommodation sector chair Deborah Tawa talks to Stuff about calls for regulation of peer to peer accommodation providers in the region.

Freedom Camping - Taranaki

Several meetings have been attended at council to advocate against the current policies and lack of regulation on freedom camping in New Plymouth and the surrounding region.

Nelson, Marlborough, Kaikoura & West Coast - Kelly Harris, Regional Manager

Peer-to-Peer Accommodation - Buller

Buller Branch Executive  met with Local Government and Buller District Council about the shortfall of long-term rental accommodation in the region due to the amount of unregulated peer to peer accommodation providers. 

The Branch undertook an accommodation stock-take of all of the peer to peer accommodation providers in the district that were not paying commercial rates. This was the Branch's submission on the local rates review was built around and after two years of advocating, changes are being made.

The same issues regarding peer to peer accommodation providers were fed into the Branch's feedback on the Councils Annual Plan Review.

Pan Tax Implementation - Westland

Hospitality NZ Westland Branch advocated against the introduction of a pan tax to accommodation providers. The Branch was successful in this submission. They also bought to light that the pan tax would therefore have to be added to peer to peer accommodation providers alongside commercial.

Canterbury & South Canterbury - Anna Halliday, Regional Manager

Home-share Accommodation Consultation - Canterbury

Verbal Deputation made to full Council to support pre-notification engagement with the public on home share accommodation.  The Canterbury Branch advocated that the Council should engage with the public in order for all interested parties to have their say.

The Branch took the opportunity at the deputation to highlight the impact peer-to-peer was having on the commercial accommodation providers.  

Key points made were: Outcome - Council agreed to publicly engage from 16 January for a period of six weeks instead of four.  Canterbury Branch will continue working on this consultation, and make submissions.

The University of Canterbury released their Peer to Peer accommodation report in May last year which the National Business Development Manager, Amy McLellan-Minty, and some Branch committee members, were formally interviewed and recorded.  

The report highlights the impact that peer-to-peer is having on commercial accommodation in the Canterbury Region.

Media: Christchurch moteliers call for urgent regulation of Airbnb-style accommodation

U20 Fifa World Cup- Canterbury

Provided verbal support in the first instance for the U20 World Cup coming to Christchurch for the economic benefit of both commercial and food & beverage members.  

Aoraki Development - South Canterbury

Ongoing close working relationship between Branch President, Accommodation Sector representatives and Aoraki Development which is responsible for tourism promotion within the South Canterbury area.

Civil Defence - South Canterbury

Branch President attendance at a recent workshop run by Civil Defence NZ ascertaining the accommodation types and stocks in Timaru based around a civil defence emergency.

Peer-to-Peer Accommodation - South Canterbury

Hospitality NZ Souther Canterbury Branch has implored the Council to add more urgency to leveling the playing field for Accommodation providers in consideration of the unfair financial advantages held by Peer-to-Peer accommodation providers.

Media: HNZ South Canterbury accommodation sector chair Mark Offen talks to Timaru Herald about the need to regulate Airbnb.

Central Otago, Otago & Southland - Charlotte Simpson, Regional Manager

Queenstown Visitor Levy - Central Otago

Hospitality NZ opposed the Queenstown Lakes District Council's vistor levy - which was put to the public via a non-binding referendum. Hospitality NZ was concerned by the validity of the Council's data, the idea that Accommodation Providers who benefit 14 percent of regional tourism spend should be tasked with collecting the levy for the other 86 percent and that the precedent being set would invite other councils to follow suit. Hospitality NZ stands by a centralised approach where everyone that stands to benefit from funding is fairly and equitably expected to contribute to it.

Media: HNZ Accommodation Sector Chair Nigel Humphries speaks to AccomNews, in response to the results of the visitor levy referendum.

Media: HNZ CEO Vicki Lee talks to Otago Daily Times about the public referendum on a proposed visitor levy for Queenstown Lakes District Council.

Media: HNZ COO Julie White’s regular online column for Hotel Magazine covered the QLDC visitor levy referendum.

Media: HNZ COO Julie White responds in AccomNews to QLDC Mayor Jim Boult’s open letter.

Media: HNZ CEO Vicki Lee talks to Tourism Ticker about the QLDC visitor levy referendum.

Media: HNZ COO Julie White talks to AccomNews about the QLDC visitor levy referendum.

Regional Destination Promotion - Southland

On 2nd October and 20th November the Southland Branch Executive met with Malcolm Salter (Real Journeys) and Bobbi Brown (Venture Southland) to discuss how to promote the Southland Region as a destination.  

This has now been followed up with a meeting with Real Journeys, Venture Southland and Hospitality NZ members for Monday 27th January 2020.

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