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National Advocacy

Online Gambling in New Zealand

An increase in online gambling challenges New Zealand’s traditional approach to gambling regulation. Unlike domestic gambling operators, offshore online gambling operators do not pay to mitigate the harm their industry causes, nor do they contribute to the community through funding grants.

This Discussion Document seeks feedback on a framework for online gambling in New Zealand. The government is interested in views on what it should take account of as it develops its official policy on online gambling.

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View Hospitality NZ submission here

Consultation is now closed. We worked with GMANZ, as we are a member, and submitted in support of their submission.

Regional Advocacy

Bay of Plenty & Gisborne - Alan Sciascia, Regional Manager

Class 4 Gaming Policy - Gisborne

Regional Manager Alan Sciascia provided a written submission on the proposed Class 4 Gaming Policy and additionally gave an oral presentation to Council on the changes.

Submission: Hospitality NZ Gisborne Branch Submission

Media: HNZ Regional Manager Alan Sciascia talks to Gisborne Herald regarding Gisborne District Council’s proposed changes to gaming policies.

Nelson, Marlborough, Kaikoura & West Coast - Kelly Harris, Regional Manager

Class 4 Gaming Policy - Nelson & Tasman

Regional Manager Kelly Crawford gave a verbal deputation to the Nelson council on the class 4 Gaming submission and policy. The outcome was that they moved to a sinking lid policy. 

Submission made to Tasman District Council on their Class 4 Gaming Review. 

Canterbury & South Canterbury - Anna Halliday, Regional Manager

Class 4 Gaming Policy - Ashburton

The Hospitality NZ Canterbury Branch submitted to ensure the point got across about community groups benefiting from Class 4 activity and also to highlight the harm of gambling via the internet or in uncontrolled environments. The 2019-2020 policy will remain the same.

Class 4 Gaming Policy - Timaru

South Canterbury Branch successfully submitted on the Gaming Policy, achieving the following outcomes:

i) Maintaining gaming machine numbers cap at 7 per new venue
ii) Allowing for a relocation clause with assessment by the Environmental Service committee on a case by case basis
iii) Allowing for an exemption clause with assessment by the Environmental Service committee on a case by case basis.

Media: Limits for new gaming venues in Timaru to remain

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