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Enhanced Drug Impaired Driver Testing

Ministers Stuart Nash and Julie Anne Genter announced that they would be seeking public feedback on the issue of drug impaired driver testing. The discussion paper, Enhanced Drug Impaired Driver Testing, has now been released.

It is important for all of our members to have their say on this issue - we encourage you to read the discussion paper, and take the opportunity to have your say on drug driver testing.

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View Hospitality NZ submission here

This consultation is now closed. Hospitality NZ has made a submission on this consultation.

Local Government Funding & Financing - Draft Report & Final Report

The draft report contained the recommendations of the Productivity Commission following consultation on the issues paper. Of particular note was their recommendation to increase User Pays and Targeted Rates funding tools, and to legislate for councils to be able to impose an Accommodation Levy.

However, after submissions against this, the Commission took on board Hospitality NZ recommendations and revised their position to no longer recommend an Accommodation Levy.

The Final Report, released in December 2019, acknowledged that tourists already pay for most of the costs they create. and also noted: "In its draft report, the Commission discussed a range of options for funding this small shortfall, including an accommodation levy. On further analysis of these options, the Commission’s view is that any new funding tool would have high costs, and so be unlikely to deliver a net benefit to councils unless the shortfall was large. Existing revenue-raising arrangements provide appropriate ways for meeting these costs. Councils should make better use of their available tools, including more user charging, greater use of debt, raising more in rates (including from efficient targeted rates), and better use of strategies and tools to plan for tourism and manage peak demand."

Hospitality New Zealand also met twice with the Productivity Commission to further discuss the contents our submission.

Media: Hospitality NZ Response to Productivity Commission Report

Media: “We are thrilled”: Accom celebrates bed tax win

View Hospitality NZ submission here

View Final Report here

The consultation is now closed. Hospitality NZ has made a submission on this consultation.

The Future of Cash in New Zealand

The future of cash in New Zealand is uncertain. New Zealanders are using cash less and less for transactions.

The discussion paper outlines the preliminary analysis of the role of cash in society and the trends in cash use and supply. It sets out the key issues to consider – both positive and negative.  The benefits of having cash become greater and greater as more and more people use it. This so-called ‘network effect’ of cash, also declines as fewer people use it. For example, if fewer consumers, businesses, and banks dealt with cash, the ability for people to use cash for transactions in stores and between individuals would decline. If this occurred, some of the unique roles of cash could be lost.

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This consultation is now closed.
Hospitality NZ distributed a survey of members, on behalf of the Reserve Bank in lieu of a submission.

Options for Taxing the Digital Economy

Hospitality NZ supported the BusinessNZ submission and recommendations that: Officials seek the best outcomes for NZ from the proposed OECD tax changes. Hospitality NZ provided additional comments around potential unintended consequences for members should the government options progress.

View Hospitality NZ submission here

This consultation is now closed. Hospitality NZ has made a submission on this consultation.

Local Government Funding and Financing - Issues Paper

The Local Government Funding and Financing issues paper describes local government in New Zealand and how funding and financing currently work. It asks questions about current pressure points and ways that councils can manage cost pressures. It then seeks views on options for future funding and financing tools.

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View Hospitality NZ submission here

This consultation is now closed. Hospitality NZ has made a submission on this consultation.

Regional Advocacy

Northland & Auckland - Kim Odendaal, Regional Manager

Kings Road Accord - Far North

Member and community meetings, focusing on safety in Kings Road.  The meetings are attended by Hon John Carter, Mayor of the Far North District.

Venues & Events - Whangarei

 Meetings with WDC around the public events they hold, where and when, and how those events affect HNZ members, how to work together.

Bay of Plenty & Gisborne - Alan Sciascia, Regional Manager

Behavioural issues in CBD - Rotorua

Regional Manager Alan Sciascia attended a meeting which included Council CEO and management, CBD licensees and other business operators to discuss behavioural issues in the CBD.

Taranaki, Manuwatu, Whanganui, Taupo & Wellington - Adam Parker, Regional Manager

Local Council Elections 2019 - Manawatu

Manawatū Chamber of Commerce chief executive Amanda Linsley and Hospitality New Zealand regional manager Adam Parker put 19 local body candidates on the spot about topics of concern to their members, at the Masonic Hotel.

Wellington & Hawkes Bay - Nick Hill, Regional Manager

Don't Guess the Yes - Sexual Assault Prevention Campaign - Wellington

The Wellington Branch continued the Don’t Guess The Yes Sexual Assault Prevention campaign from the previous year into 2019 with further training for hospitality staff held throughout Wellington and the Hutt Area in November – culminating in another weekend long event at the end of the month.

Media: HNZ Wellington Branch President Matt McLaughlin talks to 1News about sexual assault prevention training for Wellington bars.

Media: HNZ CEO Vicki Lee’s regular column for Hospitality Business Magazine talks about the success of Hospitality New Zealand’s sexual assault prevention campaign, Don’t Guess the Yes.

Drugs in Bars - Wellington

Hospitality New Zealand, in collaboration the Drug Foundation, wintroduced a new guide on tackling drugs in bars, an unfortunate reality bar staff often face but a problem that can be intervened. Wellington Branch President Matt McLaughlin was approached for comment on the guide and the reality of drug prevalence in Welligton bars.

Media: HNZ Wellington Branch President Matt McLaughlin talks to TV1 Breakfast about Drugs in bars: a guide for licensees, a resource created by the Drug Foundation NZ, in collaboration with Hospitality New Zealand.

Local Council Elections 2019 - Wellington

The Wellington Branch Committee met privately with mayoral candidates and regional council candidates in the lead up to the elections to clearly discuss key issues and concerns held by the local industry, with the intention to follow up with further meetings on the other side.

Local Council Elections 2019 - Hawke's Bay

The Hawkes Bay Branch held an open mayoral forum with candidates across both the Napier and Hastings designations, to clearly discuss key issues and concerns held by the local industry.

Nelson, Marlborough, Kaikoura & West Coast - Kelly Harris, Regional Manager

Transport Network Concerns - Nelson

Nelson Branch Executive met with Simon Bridges, the AA, Nelson Mayor and other representatives of local Industries. The purpose of the meeting was to provide policy decision-makers with comments from a range of organisations that have a vested interest in ensuring that our city and region has an efficient and effective transport network.

Canterbury & South Canterbury - Anna Halliday, Regional Manager

Night Noodle Markets - Canterbury

Hospitality NZ Canterbury Branch has loudly opposed extensions to the Night Noodle Markets in Christchurch in consideration of the financial impacts it causes on restaurant trade. Businesses that support the city all year around are negatively hit but extensive, temporary pop ups.

Media: HNZ Vice President and Canterbury Branch President Peter Morrison talks to Newstalk ZB about the impact of the Night Noodle Markets on Christchurch’s hospitality businesses.

Hagley Oval Lighting Tower Lease - Canterbury

Written Submission & Verbal Deputation made to full Council. The Branch supported the installation of two more lighting towers. Granting the new lease for the fifth & sixth lighting towers will allow both day and night time international cricket matches to be hosted at the ground.

By extension, the international and domestic visitors to the city and greater Canterbury region will provide a much-needed financial boost to both commercial accommodation providers and the food & beverage industry.

Outcome - lights granted. 

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