Alcohol Licensing Service

In response to high demand from our members, Hospitality New Zealand is pleased to announce a new service to our already comprehensive toolkit – Alcohol Licensing Service.

We have expert consultants ready and available to make alcohol licensing easier for you, by offering a full range of comprehensive licence application services.

We appreciate many business owners simply don’t have the time to complete the mountain of paperwork required for alcohol licence applications and food control plans, particularly when you are trying to focus on growing your business. 

Let our expert consultants do the heavy lifting and provide you with a licensing package that meets your business needs.

Do I need this service?

Under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, any business which sells or supplies alcohol must hold a current alcohol licence.

If you do not currently hold a valid alcohol licence, you may be wondering: What is the process? What do I need to supply? How am I meant to find the time to complete this? Shouldn't I be focusing on the opening of my business? This is where our experts can help - removing the burden and taking over the process for you!

Already have a licence but the inevitable renewal date is just around the corner? How will you find the time to go through the process again? 

Perhaps you need to apply for a variation to your existing licence or apply for that critical special licence for an upcoming event? Don't waste your time stressing about it and just put the job in the capable hands of our expert consultants!

What about food safety? Under the Food Act 2014, food control plans and national programmes have replaced the Certificate of Registration for food businesses - presenting a new mountain of paperwork. Our experts can handle these for you too!

Key benefits of getting a licence with us:

• We are the industry experts
• We offer guidance through specialised Hospitality NZ consultants
• We are your trusted adviser
• We save you time by doing the work



HNZ Member Price

(GST Inclusive)

Non-Member Price**

(GST Inclusive)

  Temporary Authority $350  $1100
  On Licence Application $1725 $2475
  On Licence Renewal $865 $1615
  Alcohol Management Plan $575 $1325
  Licence Variation $865 $1615
  Special Licence Application $300 $1050
  Off Licence Application $1150 $1900
  Off Licence Renewal $575 $1325
  Food Control Plan $1725 $2475

*Please note that ALL fees quoted are for the application to be completed only and do not include the public notification of the application, annual fees or application fees to your local Territorial Local Authority. Those fees must be paid separately by you. ALL fees quoted include GST. 


Hospitality New Zealand Members:  

  • View our Member Alcohol Licensing Service flyer here.
  • Contact your Regional Manager on 0800 500 503 to enquire about the best package for your business needs.


  • View our Non-Member Alcohol Licensing Service flyer here.
    • **Please note all non-member packages include a 12-month membership subscription to Hospitality New Zealand.
  • If you are interested in one of the packages we have on offer, please give us a call on call 0800 500 503.



If you require services not listed in above, give us a call on 0800 500 503 and let us know!

We are happy to discuss options tailored to your needs.