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Updated 25 August, 2020

We are committed to supporting you, however given the high volume of calls due to this unprecedented situation, we ask that where possible, please email us at and our team will be in touch.

This page and available resources will be consistently updated with any new relevant information.

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Industry Guidelines & Latest Resources
Hospitality New Zealand have worked with Government and other industry stakeholders to create Guidelines and complimentary resources for specific industry sectors during the different stages of the COVID-19 Alert Levels. These are available to Hospitality and Accommodation businesses below.
These Guidelines are reliant on Government advise, clarification and approval - the guidelines will be updated accordingly with the provision of new information.
Food & Beverage Businesses
Alert Level 2 Guidelines - Food & Beverage [Version 6, 14 August 2020] (Download)
Digital Signage - Selection of 11 Customer Facing Signs (Download)
Printable Poster - Golden Rules for our Customers [A4] (Download)
Printable Poster - Bathroom Protocols [A4] (Download)
Alert Level 3 Guidelines - Food & Beverage [Version 4, 14 August 2020] (Download)
Alert Level 3 Delivery and Pickup Sample Checklist (Download)
Accommodation Businesses
Alert Level 2 Guidelines - Accommodation [Version 4, 26 May 2020] (Download)
Alert Level 3 Guidelines - Accommodation [Version 1, 23 April 2020] (Download)
Latest Resources
Temporary Income Relief Payment Scheme for Workers who Lose their Jobs due to COVID-19 (Download)
NZ COVID Tracer App: General Contact Tracing and Location Registration - FAQs (Download)
COVID-19: Wage Subsidy 8-Week Extension Information & FAQ (Download)
COVID-19 Safety Plan Toolkit (Download)
If you have further questions regarding these Guidelines, members should contact their Regional Manager on 0800 500 503.

COVID-19 Safety Plan Toolkit

Covid-19 means Health and Safety is especially important. Businesses operating during this pandemic must have a COVID-19 safety plan, setting out how they’ll operate safely.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 provides - if you are one of the people conducting a business, then you must eliminate work related risks to health and safety, so far as is reasonably practicable; and if it is not reasonably practicable to eliminate risks to health and safety, then you must minimise those risks so far as is reasonably practicable. This is foundation of your COVID-19 safety plan.

Potentially, there are heavy penalties for breaching health and safety obligations. WorkSafe and Police will be checking on businesses. They are likely to want to see your Covid-19 Safety Plan, and to ask whether all workers are aware of the Safety Plan.They may also want to check on compliance with other COVID-19 health and safety obligations, such as how contact tracing is manged by your business.

Our  COVID-19 Safety Plan Toolkit provides a framework for members to formulate their own plan or provides a comparison for any existing plan to be reviewed and updated.

Click here to download our COVID-19 Safety Plan Toolkit

Hospitality NZ COVID-19 Toolkit
Hospitality New Zealand have created a comprehensive, toolkit to help assist and inform our members around the implications of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on their businesses and employees.
The toolkit covers industry advice - prevention, food businesses, accommodation, employment, health and safety, business support, mental health, business planning & marketing. 
This toolkit is to be used as a guide and the information included is subject to change - as new information given on a day by day basis. We advise members to ensure they check for updates to the toolkit regularly and do not rely on older versions for guidance.
[Current Version and Date] Version 7.0, updated on April 1 2020.
Click here to download our COVID-19 Toolkit
You will need to be logged in to access to this resource, If you have any issues please call us on 0800 500 503 and our team will be able to assist you.
All of our Hospitality NZ COVID-19 Resources can be found here.

More COVID-19 Industry Resources

Hospitality NZ has a full suite of resources available to members in relation to COVID-19 and continue to create additional resources as new information becomes available.

All available COVID-19 resources are available to members via our the resource library on our website.

Click here to visit our COVID-19 Resource Library

Navigating COVID-19 Webinar Series

Hospitality New Zealand is hosting a series of Webinars for members covering important topics for members. Members are advised of upcoming Webinars via our regular email communications and recordings of previous Webinars are available to members below.

Upcoming Webinars: 


Previous Webinar Recordings:

[18 June] Financial Leadership Post COVID-19 (Presented by The Hospitality Company) - Download

[11 June] Assessing your Changing Risk Profile and War Game Business Scenario Planning (Presented by Marsh) - Download

[10 June] The New Normal for Food & Beverage (Presented by Jamie Williams, Travis Field and Julie White) - Download

[9 June] Compulsory Arbitration: Resolving Commercial Rent Disputes (Presented by Duncan Cotterill) - Download

[4 June] Understanding and Preparing for Increasing Cyber Threats from Covid-19 (Presented by Marsh) - Download

[20 May] Hardening Property Insurance Market - How to maximise placement outcomes (Presented by Marsh) - Download

[13 May] Understanding Alert Level 2 in your Business (Presented by Hospitality NZ) - Download

[12 May] COVID-19 Technology Solutions (Presented by Hospitality NZ, Webfox, Cloud Digital and posBoss) - Download

[8 May] Overview: Operating in Alert Level 2.  (Presented by Hospitality NZ and MBIE) - Download

[24 April] Overview: Guidelines for Operating your Food Business during Alert Level 3 (Presented by Hospitality NZ) - Download

[22 April] Understanding and Responding to Mental Distress (Presented by PeerZone) - Download

[20 April] Redundancy & Restructure in the COVID-19 landscape (Presented by Hospitality NZ) - Download

[17 April] Motel Sector Update (Presented by Hospitality NZ) - Download

[15 April] Leading your Team in Lockdown (Presented by The Hospitality Company) - Download

[9 April] Debt Management and Insolvency (Presented by Duncan Cotterill) - Download

COVID-19 Products & Services

There are a range of COVID-19 related products available to members from key Hospitality NZ Partners and recommended suppliers.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Noel Leeming: Box of 50 - PPE 3 ply face masks $67.50 excl GST (Order Online)
OfficeMax: OfficeMax has a range of PPE products available (Order Online)
Hand Sanitiser
OfficeMax: OfficeMax has a selection of low-cost Sanitiser products available (Order Online)
Contact Tracing Products
Hospitality New Zealand is recommending 3 solutions – all recommendations are free to HNZ members.
A resource of recommended Contact Tracing products has created and is available to members (View Resource)
Mobile EFTPOS Terminals
Under COVID-19 restrictions, your payments solutions may require more flexibility. Hospitality NZ members can receive 20% terminal hire (including mobile units) with EFTPOS NZ (Find out more)

Budget 2020: Rebuilding together

Government has released their 2020 Budget, outlining their economic response to the effects of COVID-19 on New Zealand.

Budget 2020 at a glance:
- $50bn fund to deliver the COVID-19 response and economic recovery plan, at centre of the jobs budget
- $4bn business support package, including a targeted $3.2bn Wage Subsidy Scheme extension
- $3bn infrastructure investment and 8,000 public housing build programme, to boost productivity and create jobs
- $1.6bn for the trades and apprenticeships training package
- $1bn environmental jobs package
- $3.3bn new funding to strengthen core services, including health and education

View the Official Budget 2020 Breakdown

Key aspects and additional information for Hospitality & Accommodation:
- Wage Subsidy Extension READ MORE
- Rebuilding Tourism READ MORE
- Jobs & Training READ MORE
- Business READ MORE
- Infrastructure READ MORE

BusinessNZ, of which Hospitality NZ is a member, has released their Summary of the Budget announcement, which can be viewed here.

Hospitality NZ MEDIA RELEASE: “Rebuilding Together” Budget forgets the hospitality sector (14 May 2020) - View Here

COVID-19 Small Business Cashflow Scheme (SBCS)

The Government has introduced the Small Business Cashflow (loan) Scheme (SBCS) to support businesses and organisations struggling because of loss of revenue as a result of COVID-19.

- To be eligible for the SCBS loan a business or organisation must have 50 or fewer full-time-equivalent employees and be eligible for the Wage Subsidy Scheme. They must also have a sound plan to be viable and ongoing and hold information on file to verify this.
- Applications will be open from 12 May 2020 up to and including 12 June 2020. Most will receive funds within five working days.
- IRD will administer the payments and repayments of this scheme. Businesses should speak with their financial advisors before taking this loan.
- The loan has a five-year term and must be repaid by 31 July 2025.
- The annual interest rate will be 3% beginning from the date of the loan being provided. Interest will not be charged if the loan is fully paid back within one year. Repayments are not compulsory in the first 24 months.
- In most cases, businesses will be entitled to a loan amount of $10,000 plus $1,800 per full-time-equivalent employee, to a maximum of $100,000.

Click here for the full details on eligibility and applying for the loan.

Insurance Advice and Guidance

Marsh, Hospitality NZ's Strategic Insurance Partner, has created a fantastic COVID-19 Pandemic Response Lifecycle Tool which offers a rich source of guidance, resources and webinars for businesses.

Some of the guidance provided by this tool covers:

Cost savings: Insurance rebates, Claiming insured losses, reducing insurance premiums, trade credit, ACC and Wellbeing Support Services and Premium Funding.
Employee Wellbeing and Productivity: Employee health & benefits, infection reduction strategies, working from home strategies, Mental health and Return to work support.
Changing Risk Profiles: Pandemic forecast models, liability risk identification, cyber threat risk management, ACC risk profiling, Expat support and service and Insurable risk identification and gap analysis.
Risk Management: Business continuity plans, liability risk management, pandemic rapid response advisory and outsourced ACC and Wellbeing services.

Click here to explore Marsh's Pandemic Response Lifecycle Tool

Navigating COVID-19 Webinars:

Marsh will be presenting a selection of Hospitality NZ 'Navigating COVID-19' Webinars. For details on these and recordings of past webinars click here.

Hospitality NZ Advocacy: COVID-19

We have set up a new section under the Advocacy area of our website, where we will collate and update the various advocacy work we are focusing on.

Please note that the COVID-19 situation is fast moving and ever changing. There are numerous pieces of advocacy work being undertaken, on the behalf of our members, at all times. We will endeavor to keep this page up to date however the latest information will always be provided via our regular email communications.

Visit our Hospitality NZ COVID-19 Advocacy Page

Immigration NZ Information 

The following is direct from Immigration NZ and more information can be found on their website here.

Immigration NZ Quick Links:

- [NEW] Immigration FAQ's for Businesses

- COVID-19 Alert Level 4 Information

- Border Closures and Exceptions

- Epidemic Management Notice Information

- NZ Employer COVID-19 Information

The latest Key Updates from Immigration NZ are distributed to members via regular email communication, however they can also be found here.

A worker's temporary visa expires on or before 1 April 2020

To assist in helping look after our fellow Kiwis, we have created a directory outlining those businesses who are currently in need of additional staff.
If the expiry date stated in a worker's visa is on or before 1 April 2020 they must apply for a visa online before their current visa expires.

If they cannot provide information required by the online form, such as a new medical certificate, they should upload an explanation instead to complete their application.

If a temporary worker applies for a visa online it is accepted automatically. This means after you apply, they will be granted an interim visa automatically when their current visa expires. An interim visa will allow them to remain lawfully in New Zealand for six months.

Apply for a variation on conditions or new visa

A worker's temporary visa expires between 2 April and 9 July 2020

If a worker's temporary visa expires between 2 April and 9 July 2020, it will automatically be extended to late September 2020. We will advise them by email in early April.

If travel plans have changed due to the travel restrictions, visa holders can request a change to their travel dates and visa conditions or apply for a new visa. Visa fees or levies paid for completed applications will not be refunded or deferred for another visa.

We are aware that some individuals may wish to apply for a change of visa conditions. We are currently working through the options for this and will contact them soon with more information.

Immigration information on COVID-19 restrictions can be found here.

Latest News & Information:

MEDIA RELEASE: Legislation to resolve commercial rent disputes does not go far enough: Hospitality New Zealand today welcomed news that the Government will legislate to help resolve commercial rent disputes resulting from Covid-19 but says the legislation does not go far enough. READ MORE

MEDIA RELEASE: Hospitality New Zealand welcomes a $1.3m grant from the Hospitality Training Trust: A Covid-19 rescue package from the Hospitality Training Trust for key industry associations will help to sustain and reinvigorate the industry’s recovery efforts, Hospitality New Zealand says. READ MORE

MEDIA RELEASE: Get out and support your ‘Local’ this weekend. Help get local hospitality businesses back on their feet: Hospitality New Zealand welcomes the latest initiative from Lion and wholeheartedly asks all New Zealanders to support their nearest and favourite New Zealand food and beverage operators as part of the Cheers to Your Local campaign starting today. READ MORE

MEDIA RELEASE: “Rebuilding Together” Budget forgets the hospitality sector: The Government’s “Rebuilding Together” Budget falls well short of what is needed to rebuild the hospitality sector, Hospitality New Zealand says. READ MORE

MEDIA RELEASE: Hospitality businesses ready to welcome back customers at Level 2, some relief for the sector: Hospitality businesses say they are ready to get back to serving their customers and communities at Covid-19 Alert Level 2. READ MORE

It’s official – Hospo smashed by lockdown: Statistics New Zealand [i] has confirmed the worst, with its just-released figures showing card spend for hospitality food and beverage services has fallen a massive 95%, down $814 million in just one month. READ MORE

MEDIA RELEASE: Hospitality NZ celebrates ‘shot in the arm’ for businesses from WellingtonNZ: Hospitality New Zealand says WellingtonNZ has given a much-needed shot in the arm to Wellington cafes and restaurants with a $250,000 fund to support home deliveries during the Covid-19 Alert Level 3. READ MORE

Q+A: Hospitality NZ CEO Julie White speaks with Q+A on the effects of COVID-19 on the Motel Sector:Hospitality New Zealand Chief Executive Julie White spoke to TVNZ's Q+A program on Monday 20th April, discussing the effects of COVID-19 on the NZ Motel Sector, including a recent request for a Code of Conduct for landlords. READ MORE

Hospitality industry rallies as alert level set to ease: Hospitality New Zealand chief executive Julie White said operators were “pulling out all stops” to prepare for alert levels 3 and 2 while waiting for a Government response to their calls for more immediate support such as rent-relief. READ MORE

RNZ Interview: Carnage for some cafes, restaurants and bars: Hospitality New Zealand Chief executive Julie White says a move next week to level 3 may not be enough to save thousands of businesses facing closure. READ MORE

Hospitality NZ CEO Julie White speaks with Paul Henry:Hospitality New Zealand Chief executive Julie White spoke to Paul Henry about the issues facing the Hospitality Industry under COVID-19, on Monday 20th April's edition of Rebuilding Paradise. [STARTS 14:15] READ MORE

Level 3 restrictions 'no better than level 4' for struggling hospitality sector: Proposed Alert Level 3 restrictions will spell the end for many restaurants and result in tens of thousands of job losses, the hospitality industry says. READ MORE

Coronavirus: Alert Level 3 spells 'carnage' for hospitality industry, warns expert: Hospitality NZ Chief Executive Julie White comments. READ MORE

MORE NEWS: For more COVID-19 Industry News click here.

If you have questions or concerned not addressed on this page, or simply wish to discuss further - please contact your Regional Manager on 0800 500 503.