Five Questions for Hamish Evans

31 May 2019

Christchurch-based Hospitality New Zealand member Hamish Evans is the managing director of Switch Espresso, a coffee roastery with three cafes: Switch Espresso Coffee Company, Black Betty Cafe and Bunsen Cafe. Hamish opened his first outlet in 2006 and Switch Espresso is now a key player in the Garden City’s booming cafe market.

Why did you join Hospitality New Zealand?

The first reason I signed up with Hospitality New Zealand was solely to benefit from the better merchant rates with Eftpos New Zealand through Hospitality New Zealand’s membership benefits. Then I learnt about the support I could get with Human Resources. This has been the single most important tool helping me run my business. Hospitality New Zealand’s 24/7 HR support has been worth its weight in gold to me.

What new goals have you set yourself and your business for 2019?

Apart from a family snowboarding trip to Europe at the end of the year, I aim to work with my team to adapt and evolve in a very dynamic and fluid Christchurch hospitality scene. An exciting and challenging 2019 ahead.

Any new developments coming up at Switch Espresso?

We have invested in an incredible new Coffee Roasting Machine. Our Joper CRM30 semi-auto roaster cost more than my first house! It’s a beautiful machine.

What are your food and beverage trend predictions for Christchurch in 2019?

Definitely more focus on social and environmental themes. It’s the time of transparency and change. It’s no longer good enough just to say it.

Would you recommend joining Hospitality New Zealand to friends in hospitality?

Apart from the many membership benefits, incredible HR support, plus training and educational support; it’s having a trusted person to call and get support from when sometimes everything seems to be going against you.

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