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10 Jul 2019

Each year, Hospitality New Zealand holds the Rising Stars Awards to celebrate outstanding hospitality industry professionals at the beginning of their careers. Now in its third year, the Awards acknowledge the hard work, dedication and talent of our next generation of hospitality leaders.

The Rising Stars Awards 2019 will recognise excellence and potential among up and coming hospitality industry professionals across the following eight categories:

Emerging Accommodation Professional

The Emerging Accommodation Professional category is open to a professional working in any type of commercial accommodation, and in any role at the venue. The winner of this category should be making an exceptional contribution to their workplace. They should be able to demonstrate their ambitions and goals to advance their career in the accommodation sector.

Unsung Hero

In hospitality and accommodation businesses, every member of the team has a crucial part to play in ensuring service and standards run smoothly and without issues. This category recognises employees in crucial roles that do not always get their share of the limelight, but are working hard in the background to make the business a success. Employees that you may want to consider nominating in this category include housekeepers, porters, kitchen hands and bar-backs.

Up & coming Barista

The barista is an all-important role for many NZ hospitality businesses. To be a winner in this category it is important that the barista should possess a high standard of technical expertise, and be passionate about producing a consistently high standard of coffee in both flavour and presentation. Baristas that can also demonstrate excellent customer service and relationship building skills to ensure their customers become loyal clientele will have an added edge in this category.

Up & coming Bartender

The Up & Coming Bartender of the year should possess outstanding product knowledge. Bartenders that can also demonstrate excellent customer service and relationship building skills to ensure their customers become loyal clientele will have an added edge in this category.

Up & coming Chef

In this category, we are looking for an emerging or apprentice chef that shows potential to become a leader in their field. The Up & Coming Chef of the year should show a fantastic attitude and work ethic, and commitment to forging a great career in the industry.

Up & coming Duty Manager

Duty managers are an essential part of every licensed business. To win at this year's Rising Stars Awards, the duty manager should demonstrate the care and attention to detail needed to ensure the safe and responsible sale and supply of alcohol.

Up & coming Entrepreneur

The Rising Star Awards are open to hospitality industry professionals that are under 35 years of age. This category has been created to reward daring entrepreneurs that have taken the plunge in their hospitality career to create and build their own business in the hospitality industry.

Up & coming Front of House

The winner in this category should understand what service is all about and possess outstanding communication skills. This year's Up & Coming Front of House winner should be skilled at creating a welcoming environment that leads to memorable experiences for the customer.

Commenting on the launch of the Rising Stars Awards 2019, Hospitality New Zealand CEO Vicki Lee said: “Each year Hospitality New Zealand holds the Rising Stars Awards to allow our members to acknowledge the dedication and talent of their employees. The Awards are a great opportunity for employers to reward and retain their most gifted staff members. Through the Rising Stars Awards, and initiatives such as Hospitality New Zealand’s Future Leaders Day, we aim to promote within the hospitality industry a spirit of striving for excellence, fostering potential and working to help our rising stars shine.”

The Rising Stars Awards are open to employees of Hospitality New Zealand members. Nominees must be under the age of 35 at the time of entry to qualify. Entry is by nomination via our Awards website. There is no self-nomination for the Rising Stars Awards.

The finalists in each of the Awards categories will be asked to attend the Rising Stars Awards event, which takes place in Hawke’s Bay on Tuesday 15 October 2019.

Entries close on Monday 5 August

Don’t miss this chance to recognise the Rising Stars on your team!

Make your nomination now via our Awards website

To view the full list of Rising Stars Awards entry guidelines click here

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