Update on people shortages and immigration issues

23 Oct 2018

We want our members to know that we continue to advocate on Immigration issues and the shortage of staff, two issues that affect our members and all sectors of the hospitality industry. We have been working on this issue in a number of ways, which we outline below, and we will continue to do this through written submissions, media opportunities, and meetings with officials and partners.

As you will be aware the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is currently calling for submissions on the Essential Skills in Demand Lists (ESID) of occupations selected for review in 2018. Among those is Cafe Manager or Restaurant Manager.

Cafe and Restaurant Managers have previously been on the ESID List (along with Chefs) and remained there for some time before they were removed a few years ago. Hospitality New Zealand (along with RANZ) strongly advocated to have them kept on the list, but succeeded only in extending this for an extra year, at the time.

If you wish to make your own submission on the Cafe and Restaurant Manager ESID Review, then you can find more information here.

Our Chief Executive Vicki Lee regularly raises the issue of people and skill shortages in our industry with Members of Parliament, and is also advocating to get Hospitality included as a University Entrance subject.

We offer scholarships every year to encourage upskilling, and a continued career in hospitality. Entries are still open for scholarship applications - you can find more information here.

Hospitality New Zealand has joined with several other industries that experience staff shortages to collectively meet with Immigration NZ’s Head of Policy, and MBIE about the issue. The group’s next meeting will be with the Immigration Minister.

Last year we facilitated sessions with Immigration NZ around the country for our members, and commented on it in our IVL/ETA/Visa Fees submission. We have also met with MBIE / Immigration around the issues with the ANZSCO codes, and have been working with them on developing an "Employers Guide” to help navigate the codes.

Hospitality New Zealand is part of the Tourism Skills Campaign steering group (the research informing the campaign was sent to all our members via newsletter) which is being finalised and will launch next year, starting in Auckland, but has the potential to be rolled out across the country if successful.

We support the Mana in Mahi programme by working with Work and Income towards a partnership for when that programme moves from pilot to permanent. We've partnered with Q Jumpers to develop HospoRecruit with recruitment packages and including the Labour Market Test as part of some packages exclusive to HNZ members, and regularly hold short courses to help people up-skill and retain staff.

We endorsed the Government initiative “Work The Seasons” where seasonal business are able to advertise roles for free, and using the platform's functionality are able to easily filter through the applicants to find ideal candidates.

We will make a copy of our submission to MBIE on the ESID list of occupations available to members in November.

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