Hospitality New Zealand is dedicated to working towards a sustainable hospitality industry in NZ.

We want our HNZ members to be Plastic Straw-Free by the end of 2018.

It's a big goal, but it is one we believe in!  To help make this easy we have joined forces with The Rubbish Whisperer to offer members a great deal on affordable alternatives to plastic straws, here.

Christchurch City Council supports plastic free straws 

On the back of a recent presentation about our Sustainability Initiatives and plastic free straws to Christchurch City Council from Regional Manager Ted Casserly, the Council said they would be aiming for all of Christchurch to be plastic straw free by the end of 2019.


Below are links to some posts from our friends over at The Rubbish Whisperer around the issue of reusable plastic in hospitality.

You can only make a difference if you are informed, so check out the articles below:

To see more on how we have committed to Sustainability at HNZ click here.

Environmental/Sustainability Advisory Board

Led by Board Member Nick Keene - based in Tutukaka Northland, National Board Member Chris Buckley - Queenstown, Jonny Parker from Eco Geek, and Ash Holwell, HNZ has developed its first iteration of an Environment/Sustainability Advisory Board. This Board has been set up to bring our members a range of advice, trends and action points, so keep an eye on this space for updates.

Should you need advice on your sustainable business practices, please contact our Advisory Board Chair via email at or get in touch with your Regional Manager.