Sustainability Initiatives - Hospitality New Zealand

Hospitality New Zealand is dedicated to promoting a sustainable hospitality industry in NZ.

Adopting sustainable practices across the hospitality industry will help us to sustain New Zealand’s natural beauty, and to manage our usage of natural resources.

Key components of a sustainable business practice should look at reducing water consumption (as well as the reuse of grey water), reducing energy consumption, waste (especially the use of disposable plastic items), recycling, and even ingredient sourcing. This is not, however, an exhaustive list. It is just the beginning!

Many hospitality businesses have made a useful commitment to sustainability by making simple changes to their usual practice. For example, in the accommodation sector, some properties have had success with encouraging guests to reuse towels and to request a change of linen, rather than making it a daily norm. This small gesture can save a hotel a great deal in costs, while also reducing the hotel’s impact on the environment.

The key to making these changes successfully is educating guests and customers on why you are asking them to make these changes with you.

As part of our commitment to sustainability in the hospitality industry, Hospitality NZ has set up a dedicated Environmental Sustainability Advisory Board.

Led by Board Member Nick Keene (Northland), National Board Member Chris Buckley (Queenstown), Jonny Parker from Eco Geek, and Ash Holwell; the Environmental Sustainability Advisory Board has been set up to bring our members a range of advice, trends and action points.

If you need advice on sustainable business practices, please contact our Advisory Board Chair via email at or get in touch with your Regional Manager.

Further information on Hospitality NZ’s commitment to sustainability is accessible to our members here.

Latest News


Hospitality NZ is proud to support the new Tiaki Promise initiative. Tiaki, which means "to care" in Te Reo, asks Kiwis and visitors to protect Aotearoa's environment, respect our culture, act as guardians of our land, waterways, and oceans, travel safely and ultimately to protect New Zealand for future generations.

Glass Packaging Forum teams up with Hospitality NZ 

The Glass Packaging Forum is a New Zealand-based organisation which works to encourage businesses to recycle their glass packaging, as well as providing resources to help them to do so.  Read more.

Plastic-straw free by the end of 2018

As part of our sustainable initiatives, Hospitality NZ wants our members to be plastic-straw free by the end of 2018!

We want to support you in this goal, so we have teamed up with The Rubbish Whisperer, which provides environmentally-friendly alternatives to disposable plastic straws and packaging.

The Rubbish Whisperer is offering a discount, exclusively for Hospitality NZ members on their 100% biodegradable and reusable products.


Find out more from our friends at The Rubbish Whisperer by clicking on the links below.